The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) is a non-stock, non-profit organization advocating the protection and preservation of our built heritage, cultural and historical sites and settings, thus upholding the Philippine Constitution that heritage and culture should be developed and preserved for national identity.

A Filipino society that values and preserves its cultural heritage in order to instill pride of place and strengthen Philippine national identity.

The HCS will be the prime mover and advocate for the preservation of Philippine built heritage resources in order to contribute towards the establishment of a Society that preserves and values its cultural heritage through advocacy and volunteerism, project implementation, education and information.

Why conserve heritage?
Heritage conservation maintains links with our past by preserving significant structures, historical and cultural sites and settings. Our built heritage is evidence of our political history and socioeconomic development; it reflects our shared values, and is tangible proof of Filipino excellence and creativity.

Far from converting anything of our heritage into a museum, the HCS affirms that an efficient 21st century lifestyle can take place in the same urban and architectural envelope created by earlier generations. Built heritage can be recycled for contemporary, adaptive re-use, thereby preserving the cultural charm and traditional character of our cities and towns. Heritage conservation enhances progress and modernization : from urban revitalization and community housing, to the revival of traditional crafts and the stimulation of entrepreneurial activities. It awakens our “pride of place,” arousing cultural and historical awareness, which often advances cultural tourism.

Heritage Conservation Society
G/F Museo Pambata Building
Roxas Boulevard, Ermita
Manila, Philippines
Tel. +632 521 2239
Fax. +632 522 2497

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22 Responses to “Heritage Conservation Society”

  1. Godfrey said

    I am happy to know that there is a website or a group like you which really give importance to our heritage. I am very sad to inform you that many of our cultural, historical, political and religious structures here in tarlac are being renovated or even not being preserved by our government and even by the people itself. I am at your back to support this website! I merely condemn those attitude of todays Filipino especially Tarlaqueno who doesn’t know how to preserve and give importance to their past.

    I will include a link of your blog to our website – a comprehensive, wide, regularly updated web portal of the Province of Tarlac, Philippines. A volunteer effort website which promotes the beautiful places in the province wherein tourist who have just planning to go North of Manila will have to drop-by on this wonderful heart of Luzon.

    Please let us support each other. Let the people know that history and past are very important in everyone’s existence.

    Again, Thank you.

    PS. Can I get the picture of Moncada Municipal Hall and Post it on mytarlac website.?

    EMAIL :

  2. I applaud your efforts in heritage preservation. We are also struggling to preserve the heritage in Cambodia and there is a need for preservation efforts in all Southeast Asian countries.
    Best wishes,

  3. mary said

    ask a youth,what can u contribute in preserving our cultural heritage?

  4. virginia said

    yes, we need to preserve our filipino heritage. may i solicit responses from fiulipinos who are living abroad or have relatives abroad who can share how are they preserving their filipino values and culture eventhough they are living there for a long time? please help me in this endeavor. are they still using filipino in their homes? cook filipino foods and what are these foods? celebrate fiesta, christmas and new year? what filipino best practices are they still practicing? please email your responses to:

  5. yhna said

    yes,, we must preserve our country’s national heritage so that we can trace our histories, right? it is the great role of the teachers to tackle more on our heritage so that children of todays era will be reminded of our liberty,,,,

  6. Ae said

    how can i join HCS?

  7. guio carlo said

    do you any present information about the preservation of diplomat hotel in baguio city??

    can you help me bacause it is my thesis research and i want to get information from the HCS? about preserving old structure (diplomat hotel) and the reuse of it

  8. mark said

    conservation of heritages in the philippines need a lot of attention specially the district of intramuros although there is a progress it needs more funding to be able to get back on its feet… people will be in awe if the philippine government will be able to rebuild all the ruined structures there..and one thing that really made me lost my hope that intramuros will be able to rebuild its grandeur is the existence of modern infrastructure inside intramuros.. i just hope that the government will take action about that..intramuros should retain its old architecture and even we are in the modern time we have to respect the historical value of the only heritage left in manila…but theres still a little hope left to the filipino people specially those who are really concerned abuot the condition of our heritage…

  9. jeff acuna said

    gud pm ,im very that there is is group protecting our heritage.. im from antipolo ,concern about the plan of our lady of peace school to build a four storey building in the right side of antipolo cathedral a concern citizen i believe that the church will not allow this to happen,a lot of problem will occur ..during the constuction laborer found skulls in the area ,some people say that there remains of parish priest buried during war..please help us to stop the contruction….
    thank you very much ….more power

  10. Hester said

    hi,i have a picture with my mother carrying me and this building was there as our background.This building stands as a monument and should be turned into museum.I am not fond of malls but some museums Ayala have expensive entrance fee and only fortunate people can get inside.I also pity Meralco Theatre because it looked like a pretty lady that doesn’t take a bath for a hundred years.I hope some TV station give attention to our beautiful buildings that has been neglected for a long time.

  11. Gracias for the nice write-up. I really enjoyed going through it. I enjoy this stuff too, especiallyrailroad pocket watches

  12. JF said

    I am very glad that we have this group to protect our heritage. It seems that nowadays we do not gave improtance to our heritage structures especially our Old Churches, where in most towns in the Philippines are only the remaning connection to our past. There are so much “renovation – resoration”,(as what parish officials called) but without any proper consultation that will truly bring this structures to its former glory. It seems that restoration are only based wath the parish priest designs (I suggest that all old churches that will undergo restoration should be consulted first to proper officials such as the Heritage Conservation Society. I hope that church officials agree with it. Let’s unite to bring our olod churches to its old glory, “For The Greater Glory of God”, not for our own glory.

    I hope you can visit our old Church in Liliw, Laguna, restoration is now on-going and we need you (HCS) to protect our church to bring it back to original form.

  13. roebil said

    tnx……very much, =) now i know how to preserve my cultural heritage,it helps me a lot by making me think for 5 min…….now i know how to answer my lessons

  14. jp paga said

    Hi HCS! I would like to get in touch with you regarding the proposed installation of mini hydro power plant in Brgy Bay-yo, Bontoc, Mt Province. The document was posted in this link:
    Though the project was entitled Upper Talubin Mini-Hydro Power Plant, the location of the said project was in the heart of Brgy Bay-yo itself as depicted in the document’s surveys. Please, we need any help we could get to address the problem to the authorities. Thank you

  15. Hi! I saw your post regarding the Jai-Alai Building in Manila….My Dad was one of the greatest Filipino Pelotari (Meily)during the 50’s and the 60’s….I just found some pics of him during his Jai Alai days….feel free to check my posting at my facebook page. Feel free to use some of my photos for your archive….More power to HCS!

  16. studentArchitect Jeremias said

    can you give me guidelines on conservation of heritage structures & sites? thanks.

  17. Greetings! I am interested in heritage conservation because my hometown , Jasaan, Misamis Oriental has an old church and convent which could use guidance in its preservation and restoration.

  18. margieluspo8 said

    i am so glad that there is such a thing right now.i guess it about time because there are so many old houses that are not appreciated and end up as fire wood. we have. . .
    CASA BINANG is a 70 year old Luspo ancestral home which was burned down by the Japanese during World War II and was reconstructed immediately after the war by the widow of the late Maximino Fabiana Luspo; Senora Binang Reyes Vda. Luspo . Desirous to preserve the legacy of their ancestor the younger generation initiated by Margie Velez Luspo Numano with her own personal funds is now maintaining its original structure with slight renovation. . .and i want to keep this as long as it can be.please help me on how to have this protected. thank you and i hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Rosa Pilar D. de Guzman said

    After reading these comments, I believe that there should be a stronger policy implementation of our national heritage code. We are all on same predicament as this law is not observed or even ignored. We are sponsoring a National Heritage Law seminar in Naga City on November 7-9, 2013 to make everyone aware of how to preserve our built heritage. Maybe we should invite those who are not from here to attend. You may contact us if you are interested. The speakers are from NCCA. Our city and its people has much to learn about built heritage, even us. So we will start with understand how it takes to do that.

  20. jansen said

    Hi. how can you protect a national heritage site?

  21. hello rosa pilar,
    as architect, i am very much interested on what was discussed at your national heritage law seminar held in naga city on nov 7-9, 2013. do you have anything in audio and/or print files you can furnish me? i will cover all the costs. thanks a million for your soonest reply.
    kit dellariarte, architect

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